Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bachelorette (Home Town Dates)

Wes.. weird.

Jake.. weird.

ABC.. weird.

To be honest.. I hate the drama ABC insists on bringing to the show. Yet, here I am watching it! I think Jillian likes the attention. I mean who wouldn't? But I don't think she is going to find love. I would be shocked if she ended up marrying any of these guys. I'm just not sure if this is the right venue for her to find love, since she gets so caught up in the attention and the making out-ed-ness (ha, I am making up words right and left!)

Reid's hometown date:

I think Reid is funny. I think he's handsome (I also think he looks a little like Matthew Perry.) I'm not sure if they are a match made in heaven.. but I like him. I also think there will be some drama with him next week.

Michael's hometown date:

I think Michael is sincere. I think he's funny. I also think he's young and he fell hard. I felt bad for the guy. But he'll find someone better for him in the long run.

Kiptyn's hometown date:

Wow, next to his sister Jillian seemed a little plain huh? I have my doubts. Obviously she likes him. There is obvious chemistry. I just don't see a long term relationship. But I can see him as a front runner.

Jesse's hometown date:

A little odd. But okay. Obviously she wasn't feeling it as much for him as for the other guys.

Wes's hometown date massacre:

uggh. No more of that dang song! No more drama. No more Wes! I think she kept him to dig deeper, she obviously has more of a connection with my top three faves.. Reid, Ed, and Kiptyn.

Ed's return:

I like Ed. It seemed a bit staged and everyone called that he was coming back, so I think ABC was stirring the pot with Jake, and with Ed. But I like Ed.. so I'm okay with it. And he's a lucky man since he gets to go to Spain. It seems odd he didn't come back before so she could meet his fam, but I guess we'll see where it goes.

My prediction for next week. She finally boots Wes, she keeps Kiptyn, Ed, and Reid. I think there will be some little Reid drama, but she'll give him and little Reid another chance. Did I just write that??! I think you catch my drift.

Any predictions? Favorites? I am kind of okay with this all wrapping up. I would like to see a fresh face.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

After reading a few mostly negative reviews I went into Transformers with low expectations. I wish I could say that it helped. Don't get me wrong the movie was entertaining and I wasn't expecting Oscar worthy stuff but there were a few things that kept me form liking the movie more then I did. First of all at almost 3 hours the movie was just toooooo long. Once you've seen a few giant robots battling it out you don't need 10 more fight scenes to prove your point, we get it, these robots really don't like each other. Next, while the special effects are amazing a little more attention to detail would have been nice. For instance, I don't remember downtown LA being in Egypt. I mean come on, you have robots that transform into cars and you can't photo shop out LA's skyscrapers? And while I am on the subject, the last time I was in Washington DC there weren't vast open spaces for airplane parking outside of the Smithsonian nor were there mountains outside of it either. Perhaps I have seen to many movies but these little things just chipped away at the movies credibility, a movie about giant robots non the less. Also the movie just felt like it had a whole lot going on, it could have easily been two movies with all the plot lines taking place. There are a few comic characters that break up all the explosions and robot death matches to keep the movie on a lighter footing. But overall it just felt to heavy and in the end this movie fails to live up to the first. While the first movie was just big dumb summer fun this movie seems to focus more on the big and dumb while throwing in a bit of fun, mostly as an afterthought. I am sure the movie will be a monster hit and you will have to let me know if you thought it was any better. Like I said, it was entertaining, it just could have been so much better...and shorter.

SYTYCD (Eliminations)

Tonight went EXACTLY how I wanted it to. I love when that happens. Can't wait to see the new partnership of Vitolio and Karla. Can't wait for next week!


Can I just tell you how much I love Mia Michaels? I think SYTYCD is so lucky to have her. The way she choreographs movement gets me every time. Amazing. My favorite dance of the night was from these two doing a Mia Michaels routine. I loved the movement, I loved how simple it was, and I loved it's sassy-ness (I am making that a word :)

I also really liked Brandon and Janette's hip hop/rock routine. It just shows how good Brandon really is. And I have to say Janette keeps up with him pretty well.

But the two dancers I look forward to seeing every week are Melissa and Ade. They dance each routine given to them beautifully. I also felt pretty bad for Karla, because I think she was dancing right and Jonathan was lost and that messed her up. I haven't fallen in love with that couple though. For some reason I don't love Jonathan or his dancing.

My predictions for the bottom three tonight are:

- Karla & Jonathan
- Vitolio & Asuka
- Caitlin & Jason

Although I have been wrong a lot this season! Any front runners or predictions?
** Also I saw The Proposal last night and laughed a lot. I would definitely recommend it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bachelorette

We start out this episode on a train going through the Canadian wilderness. Which I have to say was good advertising for Canada. I couldn't believe how pretty some of those views were. I liked that they were on a train, it broke up the monotony a little. The first date was a one on one with Robby. The date seems to be going okay, and then she gives him the boot because he's too young.

I think she is suddenly realizing it's getting down to the wire and she really does want to end up with someone to marry. So I can see getting rid of him. And honestly I never really cared for him either way.

Then it was snow shoeing with a group date. This date seemed fun, she and Kiptyn got cozy (as usual) They definitely seem to have the physical chemistry down pat. He gets the rose on the date.

Then it's a one on one with Reid. Who I really like and was glad to see him a little more. The date went well and she kept him. Apparently he's a tad OCD and a tad neurotic. He didn't bug me, and he seemed pretty funny.

Then they had a rose ceremony and she sent home Tanner (um yeah finally) and Jake. It was obvious that Jake wasn't exactly her cup of tea, and she didn't want to string him along by visiting his hometown and then cutting him. Which is nice. Plus, let's be honest.. Jake was a tad cheesy. I don't think he means to be, but some of the things he says are a little too Hallmark-ee for my taste and apparently Jillian's as well.

The only other thing to note is Wes is being a douche. But let's be honest people. No one is out right that weird and mean to the camera. Here's what he's doing (I think it's safe to say) his manager probably told him he needed to me memorable. So he has to play the bad guy to get us all to remember him. I seriously doubt he really is just a bad guy. I mean obviously he shouldn't have gone on the show, but Jillian won't pick him so I'm not too worried about it. And ABC is in heaven with the plot and ratings so I guess everyone wins. Jillian knows how the show can be. And she will figure it out and there will be drama, etc..

It looks like Ed will be coming back at some point, and someone has some issues on the overnight dates coming up.. seems odd they are even addressing that, and it seems like whoever the guy is.. is going to have his dating life ruined when the shows over. Classic ABC. Don't get me wrong.. I watch the show.. so I am contributing to the ratings.. I just wish they would chill on all the hoopla. Just my two cents.

I'm not convinced Jillian is going to find her true love and live happily ever after.. but I guess we'll see. Next week should be interesting. I have a feeling Michael might be the next one to get the boot.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Movie Musts

Okay, it has been a while since I have posted on any movies and since summer has now official arrived (according to the calender anyway) I thought I would list the 3 movies you really need to see this summer on the big screen. Here they are in no particular order.

Star Trek: A reboot of a classic sci-fi series that I must say I never got into. That has all changed with the retelling of the crew of the USS Enterprise. We learn why and how the crew of the ship came to be there and what makes each of them tick. There are also lots of shout outs (I am told) to previous Star Trek shows for those who are not new to the series. A great summer popcorn movie that is really enjoyed best on the big screen.

The Hangover: One of the funniest movies I have seen in a long, long time. You should know going in that this movie earns its R rating mostly via language but there are other parts that are defiantly not for the under 17 crowd. But if you can get over the rating The Hangover pays off with big laughs, and a story that keeps you entertained for its entire running time. You are along for the ride with a group of friends as they try to find their missing friend and remember what happened to them in the process. After getting out of the movie you will be planning your next trip to Las Vegas!

Up: This may be the best movie of the year, it defiantly is so far. The story is king in Up and the animation is amazing. If you don't have a tear in your eyes during the first 10 minutes of the movie you may want to have your heart checked. And yes I know it is "just" a cartoon but really this movie has so much heart and developed characters that you really don't realize that it is a cartoon. Plus it is full of adventure, really it has something for everyone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Recap on Bachelorette and SYTYCD

I have been feeling under the weather so I'm a tad behind on the shows. I will just give you a quick recap of my thoughts..

The Bachelorette:

- Jillian needs to take it easy on the alcohol. On the snowmobiling date I was cracking up. She could hardly form sentences. When she asked Kiptyn if he liked her, it just made me laugh. If you have ever been around a drunk person, this is exactly what they sound like. Don't get me wrong, tip back a few, but don't get sloppy drunk. I just think she's a tiny girl, and probably can't hold that much alcohol. But to be fair, it looked like they had all had a lot to drink.

- Ed's gone. I loved Ed. But he will most likely come back as a surprise. I really can't blame him, it's not like he had any assurance she was going to pick him in the end, and his job is important too. Especially in this economy.

- I like Reid. I like Kiptyn. As for the rest of the guys, I am feeling sort of blah. At this point, I am wondering if any guys really have a girlfriend, or if Tanner just ran his mouth. And why isn't she cutting more guys?? This is feeling like it's taking forever!

So You Think You Can Dance:

- The night was okay, but wasn't as good as last week. My favorite dance was Sonya's Jazz Routine. It featured Melissa and Ade (two of my favorite dancers)

- My favorite girls at the moment are Melissa and Kayla
- My favorite guys are Ade and Brandon

SYTYCD Eliminations:

- BOO! I really, really liked Ashley. So far this season I haven't agreed with who they cut on the girls. It was a tough elimination considering all of the girls were strong dancers, but I think Ashley did better on her dance the night before than Caitlin. Oh well I still like Caitlin, and think she will do well.

- I kind of figured Max would leave, I agreed with that decision.
- My favorite solo performance was really any of the girls. I thought Caitlin's was really good.

Well that should cover everything I missed. Next week I promise to do better.

Friday, June 12, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance (Eliminations)

Well eliminations happened last night. I have to say I agreed to let Tony go. He was just the least experienced. But I wasn't gung ho about Paris leaving. I think even Nigel knew it was weird sending her home after seeing the solo's the girls did. But I think he kept Asuka for two major reasons.

1. He wants to keep Asuka because her own style is different, and he wants to keep the competition stocked with a variety of dancers.

2. Especially at the beginning I think they try to eliminate couples together, rather than splitting them up and forcing them to get used to another dancer all over again. It seems like in the past that's how it's gone.

I would rather have seen Asuka leave over Paris, just because I see a little more talent in her. But Asuka also has that personality they love. I think all the girls are super good dancers though. I have a feeling all season I am going to be sad to see them leave.

My favorite solo performance last night came from Vitolio. I thought he did a strong job, and was kind of confused as to why they didn't like it. These two got the axe last night. I can't wait for Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Wow~ what a night. Some amazing dancers, some amazing choreography.

You know how Mia Michaels said during auditions this season that she identifies with male dancers? She said she has a hard time really connecting with female dancers. Well I think I feel just the opposite.

My eyes are always drawn to the female dancers. I think some of the best dancers from last night were girls. Though there were a couple guys that caught my attention too.

I was amazed at how well everyone did last night. Even the ones that the judges didn't love were still really good to me. I think I am going to have a hard time choosing which dancers are my favorite. But this week..

My top 5 favorite girls are: (in no particular order)

-Paris (I thought she did a lot better than they gave her credit for)
-Caitlin (no, not just because we have the same name :)

(Oops! That was six! See, I told you I thought all of the female dancers were incredibly good)

My top 5 favorite guys are: (in no particular order)


And my favorite dance this week was: Tabitha & Napoleon's dance with Jeanine and Phillip (When Phillip did that body roll thing on the piano solo, I about died.)

(I also loved Tyce's "I Only Have Eyes For You" dance as well as Mandy Moore's contemporary routine. When they both leaped together... are you kidding me? Seriously amazing!)

Man I love this show!!

Who do you think the first couple to be eliminated will be? I don't have any idea. I guess if I were to choose tonight it would probably be Tony (he's just not as strong as the other dancers, and I have no idea who the girl would be?? Maybe Asuka? But I thought she did really well, so I really have no idea.) What do you think?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Bachelorette (Episode 4)

Here's a quick rundown on my thoughts..

- I like Kiptyn. I think he seems great. But what I realized last night, is I don't think I like him for Jillian. My ever changing top favorites as of now, are Ed and Reid. That being said, I'm sure next week ABC will reveal that one of them is really a woman and I will have to recant.

- I'm glad David left, I just don't think I could take one more intense moment with him.

- I'm excited for next week's episode, hopefully Wes gets the boot. At least I didn't have to hear another chorus.. I was worried he was going to start singing on the ice while curling.

-Jillian seems great, I really liked her apartment, but the only thing I dislike is when she leans in every time for a kiss, but I have said that before, so I think my point is made.

Until next week! (Any top favorites for you right now?)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

He's Back.....Sorta

Check out the promo clip for ABC's fall shows below. Keep an eye out for one of my favorite Lost charachters. What does this clip mean?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bachelorette (Episode 3)

Wow, I'm a bit behind. I just watched the Bachelorette last night. A couple things stuck out to me..

1. Was it just me or did that zip line seem incredibly slow? I first saw it and thought, "Wow, that would be so fun.. and then they did it and it inched along like the Heber Creeper. What cracked me up was ABC was trying to make it exciting with the music in the background, but it seemed pretty tame to me.

2. Does Wes think we aren't noticing that he only has one song? "Well, they say love, it don't come easy..." (And why are we only ever hearing the chorus??)

3. Why do they keep doing acting dates? No, but really?

4. Jillian! Take it easy on all that kissing! You're coming off a tad desperate.

and finally the last thing that had me screaming at my t.v...

Why are they cutting so few men every time?? Stop dragging it out! David.. you're fired, Wes.. you're fired, Tanner.. you're fired. (See that wasn't that hard.)

My top picks right now are Reid and Kiptyn. Feelings? Thoughts?