Sunday, May 31, 2009


Well the good folks at Pixar have done it again. Up is Pixar's 10th movie and like each of the movies before it, it has heart, looks amazing, and contains an actual story that you really get into. Really how do they do it? I have yet to meet a Pixar movie that I didn't like and what is more amazing is the fact that each of their movies, Up included, is aimed at every age group. Just because it is a cartoon doesn't mean that adults won't like it and vice versa. In fact adults are more likely to enjoy Up then kids. Don't get me wrong kids will love it too but the story is really aimed at adults.
In the first 10 minutes of the movie we meet Carl and Ellie as kids and watch as they grow up, fall in love, and plan and adventure to South America. Sadly they never get to take this adventure as life flys by and before you know Carl and Ellie are in their older years and soon Ellie passes on. This leaves Carl feeling all alone in the world, a fact that is made even more real my the large development that is threatening to take over his and Ellie's home. Instead of watching this happen Carl ties thousands of balloons to his house and takes the adventure that he and Ellie were never able to. Along for the ride is Russell, a Wilderness Explorer, who only needs one more badge (assisting the elderly) to become a Senior Wilderness Explorer. While in the process of trying to earn this merit badge Russell becomes a stowaway on Carl's journey south.
Once in South America Carl and Russell are in for the journey of a lifetime. They meet many exotic and strange creatures and even an old heroes of Carl's and Ellie's. But the most important thing that Carl and Russell learn is that no matter how old or young you are, you are never alone and that adventure is out there.
This movie is full of heart and charm and really you would be hard pressed to find a better written movie this summer. You are so wrapped up in the story that you almost don't notice the amazing backgrounds the animators have placed right in front of your eyes. I say almost because really the location of the movie plays a big part in the story. The story may be harder for some younger kids to understand up there is enough humor and side characters to keep the over 3 crowd entertained for the entire movie. Like I said, this movie has something for everyone. Make sure you see it on the big screen and if anyone sees it in 3D (I didn't) let me know what you thought. Until then, adventure awaits...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Bachelorette Episode 2

Oi. I'm going to keep this short, because from reading a ton of other blogs on this episode, it sounds like we are all about in the same boat. A boat of confusion maybe? Confused on what these guys are all a-boat.. get it.. she's Canadian.. never mind.

Let's start out with WHY, why oh why.. did he get another rose? Seriously, any ideas for me?

Next, let's talk about how I am having a hard time picking a leader of the pack. Kiptyn is remaining my number one choice right now, but I think it's time we talk about dear little Jilly..

Sadly, I don't think she quite understands "playing hard to get". When Wes looked like he was bored and not interested in her.. what does she do? Lean in twice for a kiss.. and then sits awkwardly on his lap. Kiptyn looked like he was into kissing her.. but let's be honest one of the two really awkward kisses on that episode. (The other one being with Jake, who took the reigns, cut her off mid sentence.. and in an attempt to be romantic, kissed her in a way that ended up being just plain weird.) I get that Jillian doesn't want to play games, but guys don't want a girl throwing herself at them either. And when she was going on and on about Wes being tall, and cute, and a great singer.. he just looked.. well bored.

Okay, enough of that. I am turning this into a longer post than I intended. Top pick at this moment in time, is this guy.

I'm hoping Monday will be better and we'll get to see more of the other guys. Because the one's they have been spotlighting are all a tad bizarre. Case in point..

I have never seen anyone get so ticked about every little thing. Dude.. chillax.

So You Think You Can Dance (Auditions)

I'm not going to start posting on this show until the auditions are over, but I quickly have to say. Tyce.. not loving him. I don't know if he was trying to come off funny last night, but he went overboard, and ended up just coming off arrogant. At least when Mia Michaels critiques she is trying to help them improve.. it seemed like Tyce just wanted to make fun. Anyway, just my thoughts. He rubbed me the wrong way. That all being said...
I am so excited to see how Vegas goes. Man I love this show. It's actually sad how much I love this show.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bachelorette Episode One

We met the 25 guys last night.. but wait there's more.. 5 more. Yes this season (for the first season ever.. as Chris Harrison kept reminding us) Jillian got to choose from 30 guys. It was a full house.

Overall I have to say I really like Jillian. She seems down to earth, seems like she really does just want to meet her best friend and husband. She handled the guys pretty well and she just seemed grateful to be there.

First impression rose went to this guy..

.. who not only had one of the weirder first meet and greets. But really didn't seem all that great. And not even that cute. But maybe there was some editing. He just seemed a little arrogant and confrontational. Maybe he will grow on me.

It was a pretty tame night. A little singing, a little showing off, and a little foot fetish. This dude was obsessed with feet and was weird. I kind of wanted to barf when he was talking. 'Nough said.

Also I think this guy scared her off with his close talking..

I did pretty well on my original guesses. She kept them all but Caleb the photographer. He was kind of weird when meeting her. This season looks like it's going to be a tad dramatic (shocker.. if there isn't any drama, ABC will create it and then tell Chris Harrison to tell us all about how it is the most dramatic season EVER.)

From what it sounded like.. three of the guys may or may not have girl friends, one guy came on the show to be the next bachelor, and the guy who sang came on to promote his career.. I guess we'll find out. I just don't want little Jill to get hurt! (Seriously I need to stop watching reality t.v... I get too invested!)
My top picks so far are..

Kiptyn is still my number one. He's cute, he has a good job, and he seems genuine.. just like Jillian.

Number two vote still goes to Jake. Handsome.. pilot, and made a good first impression.

Number three is Ed. He seemed the most normal and down to earth. I liked that.

My number four is Juan..probably won't go far. I just liked how he was chill and didn't get in any one's face.

Okay, so what did you think? Any favorites? Also did anyone notice this nerd spouting off the weirdest things all night? "There she is, that vixen!" I was kind of surprised she kept him.

It should be noted that I am irrationally excited about So You Think You Can Dance this week. Why does it seem like I don't have a life? Don't answer that.

Monday, May 18, 2009

LOST news

For some good, but not quite great, news about one of my favorite Lost characters click here. Spoiler Alert, don't click if you haven't watched the season finale yet. But really who falls into that group!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Minute Lost Theories

Okay, the Lost Season 5 Finale is on in just a few hours. Here are some last minute theories that have been running through my mind.

  • I think the 2007 Losters will go in search of the H-bomb that lies in the shadow of the statue, or at least did.
  • I think the 1977 Losters will damage said statue when trying to move said H-bomb
  • I think Locke will either tell Ben to move the island, thus forcing Ben off again and bringing everyone to the same time in 2007. Or I think Ben will be asked by Locke to dispose of Jacob thus causing Ben to have a falling out from the Others and securing Locke's role as leader.
  • Kate will do something stupid and selfish, because that's what Kate does.
  • I fear for Juliet, I really hope nothing bad happens to her but think it might.
  • Jack will be unsuccessful in his attempt to stop the incident from happening at the Pearl station.
  • Said incident will result in the 1977 Losters to be sent back to 2007. Where they find Locke has become the new Ben and starts hunting down his former beach mates.
  • Hurley will provide some much need comic relief, along with Miles.
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see some old faces pop up during the 2 hour finale.
  • I hope we find out where Bernard and Rose have been this whole time, oh and Clarie too.

Well there you have a few of the many thoughts that are running through my mind. I am sure most of them will prove to be incorrect. But I do know that there has yet to be a season finale of Lost that didn't blow my mind. I have a feeling tonight won't be any different. And for those of you who fell of the band wagon, you have until next January to catch up, I have all the seasons and will be holding a summer class for you to catch up!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Star Trek

Like the movie poster, I am going to keep this review simple. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! One of the best, if not best, movies of the year. I was never really into the Star Trek movies and I found it very easy to feel connected to this new "rebooted" version. Really a must see in theaters, I am already planning a return visit.

The Bachelorette w/ Jillian

Oh boy.. it's that time again. I am a little mad at ABC after last season's fiasco. It seemed staged, it seemed ridiculous, and it seemed a tad cruel. But I am looking past that since Jillian seemed like a person of substance from the last season. So I have high hopes. Okay, I have hopes that this season will be better.

So without further ado.. or was that adieu? I never remember. I give you Little Miss Bachelorette Jillian. She's got great hair, style, and has a great personality to boot.

This season they are giving her five extra men to start out with. It should be an interesting premier on May 18th. My top four picks are..

Kiptyn (What the heck kind of name is Kiptyn?? Sounds like a robot name.) I think his name will help him stand out and his good looks can't hurt anything. Plus he's a Business Developer, so I think he seems like a safe choice.

Next choice.. Jake (solid sexy name) Um hello, good looks AND a Commercial Pilot? Yes, Jake, I'm excited to meet you.

Third choice? Caleb. I chose Caleb because he seems scruffy and he's a photographer. I work around photography all day so maybe I'm biased. But who doesn't think a male photographer is sexy? I like his strong jaw.

Last pick is Mathue. He's a Personal Trainer so you know he has a good body, and he's got a cute face too, so yes, I know I'm being a tad shallow, but I think he will at least make it past the first elimination.. well unless he has the personality of a mop. Or doesn't pass Jillian's hot dog test. Why did that sound dirty?? (If you watched the last Bachelor that will make sense.)

So there you have it, a sneak peak of my fave's for the Bachelorette. Oh and why in the heck did Jillian let them choose this picture?? I am having a hard time believing that's actually her nose!

So what do you think? Predictions?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I was excited to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine as X-Men was, and is, my favorite comic book based movie. Sadly the new Wolverine movie did not live up to my expectations. I really don't have any issues of the story about the origins of Wolverine. You don't go into comic book movies expecting Shakespeare. However the story really doesn't live up to the first two X-Men movies, it is more in line with the third X-Men movie. Sure you learn about where Wolverine comes from and you really can't find fault in the way Hugh Jackman brings the character to life by adding in the little bits of humor the movie could use more of.

The main fault I find with this movie is the special effects. They really felt low class and at times come across as just plain cheesy. And not cheesy in a good way. We are talking about Wolverines trademark claws looking so fake you can't possibly take them seriously. Which is a shame because Wolverine really deserved better (and it was better in the first movies so you know it can be done).

Perhaps if you go in with lower expectations you will enjoy the movie more then I did. Sadly by the time the movie ended I just left feeling disappointed. Oh well at least I have the first two X-Men movies to reverse that disappointment.