Monday, September 27, 2010

New Fall TV Shows

I have a confession. I am not feeling this new crop of TV shows. I just haven't been caught by anything this year nor do I find myself rushing to watch the new shows that I have recorded. Of the few that I have watched here are my ramblings.

  • Hawaii Five-O- This is probably the best new show I have watched this year and is most likely the one I will keep watching.
  • Raising Hope- I laughed a few times and I always love the idea of a dysfunctional family pulling together to help each other. I will give it a few more airings to grow on me.
  • Running Wilde- I wanted to like this if only because I have a small crush on Kerri Russell. Sadly I didn't find this show funny or even entertaining. I will give it one more episode but I fear it will be the first show cut from the Tivo Season Pass list.
  • My Generation-I liked the way this show is edited and the story of catching up with a group of high school students 10 years later is intriguing enough. I just fear that there are no likable characters to keep me coming back.
  • Mike & Molly- It has it moments and the characters are appealing enough and while it has heart I fear the fat jokes will run out or just turn cruel. I will give a few more airings to decide.
  • Better With You-The worst thing I can say about this show is that I don't really remember most of it. I don't think I could even name one of the characters. That doesn't bode well.

Like I said I haven't watched too many new shows yet. I still have Undercovers, Blue Bloods and No Ordinary Family to watch but other then that I haven't even recorded any of the other new shows. What say you. Is there any shows out there that you think I should give a chance? Sound off.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Movies I Can't Wait To See

Here are a few trailers for movies that come out this Fall that I can't wait to see (as well as Easy A which I have previously posted a trailer for.) What movies are you excited to see?