Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick Reviews: State of Play, 17 Again, Bedtime Stories

It must have been the weekend because I ended up watching 3 movies. Here is a quick recap of each.

  • State of Play: I really enjoyed this movie. I am a fan of thrillers that make you use your brain. It has been awhile since I have seen a good old fashioned political thriller. While the movie was a little on the long side I didn't find myself getting bored at any point during the movie. The cast is great and full of many well known stars: Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Helen Mirren, Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright Penn, and it just keeps going. If you are looking for a lot of action then this movie isn't for you. This is a thinking man's, or women's, movie.
  • 17 Again: I admit that I laughed a lot during this movie. Sure it is predictable down to the last scene, but you are laughing down to the last scene. I have never seen Zac Efron in anything before this but thought he did a good job, especially since he was basically carrying this movie. Think of this a Big only in reverse and you pretty much know what you are in for. Some humor in this is not for the under 8 crowd as it leans a little more on the teen/adult side.
  • Bedtime Stories: Not your typical Adam Sandler movie but at the same time it is your typical Adam Sandler movie, just aimed for a younger crowd. If you have younger kids they will be sure to enjoy this movie since the Bedtime Stories that are told take a strange twist and come to life the next day. The movie felt a little rushed and seemed like some of the special effects were an afterthought. Overall I did laugh, mostly at the minor characters and the guinea pig, but I am glad that I saw this one on DVD when all was said and done.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reviewed: Austrailia and Cupid

Another week another double review. Up this week Australia (now on DVD) and Cupid (Tuesdays on ABC).

I wanted to see Australia in theaters until I found out about its almost 3 hour running time. If movies are that long they should come with an intermission, so needless to say I did not see it in theaters. But thanks to the magic of DVD I finally caught up with the movie from down under a few weeks ago.

Australia comes from Baz Lurhman, who brought us Moulin Rouge and just like that movie stars Nicole Kidman. This trip to Oz also includes Hugh Jackman. The movie is really filmed well and is very enjoyable from a cinematic stand point. You are treated to views of Australia that are rarely seen in film as the movie does not take place in Sydney but rather in the rugged Northern Territory. The movie really felt like two distinct, separate movies. One about a wealthy English lady going to Australia to sell the cattle and land she and her husband own. There she meets a cattle hand and goes on the cattle drive with him and a few others in hope of restoring the farms prestige to make it easier to sell.

The second movie could have easily been the sequel to Pearl Harbor as it takes place in Darwin during the Japanese attacks of WWII. We have the same characters as before but the movie has a much different feel then it did before and takes on a much darker tone. Overall both parts of the movie are enjoyable and the cast makes it even more so, but I am glad I saw this one on DVD so that I could take a break between the two very different parts. The best part of this movie is the interaction between Kidman and Jackman and the aboriginal boy who links them. If you are looking for a good modern day epic-like movie then this is the way to go.


Cupid is about a man who believes that he is the Greek god of the same name. Cupid, aka Trevor for the non-believers, has been thrown out of Mt. Olympus because he got a little to careless with his bow and arrow and can only return once he has united 100 couples that result in true love. Along for the ride is Cupid's therapist who takes responsibility for him so that he can leave the hospital. Claire, the therapist, believes that Trevor had is heart broken and this is what caused him to think that he was Cupid. We as the audience are left to make up our mind about which of these options is the true one. This lends a certain realistic feel to the show and it really has its funny moments. The supporting characters are great as well as the leads. If you don't have anything better to do on a Tuesday night, and I know I don't, then check out Cupid. You might just like it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lost: Quick Recap

If you haven't watched the latest episode of Lost, stop reading now. Really, stop. Okay I warned you.

Tonight we found out the fate of Ben after being shot by Sayid. I had guessed a few weeks back that current time Ben would wake up once 70's Ben was curred. I did not however think that Kate and Sawyer with a little help from Juliet and Richard would be the ones to save him. What was even more of a shock is that tonight we found out why Ben is the way he is. When Kate and Sawyer took young injured Ben to Richard to be healed by the island, Richard told them that if he helped them Ben would never be the same that he would not remember what happened (we now know why current Ben doesn't remember being shot by Sayid) and that he would lose his innocence, ie; become the evil Ben that we all love to hate. Tonight Ben became an other. I also found it interested that Charles Whidmore and Elle (Faraday's mom? Penney's too?) seem to be in charge of the Others in the 1970's. Does this mean that Penny was born on the Island? Does Desmond have to go back to the island to save Penny in the 70's. I want to see that episode now! Please.

Tonight we also got the reason why Kate left Aaron and came back to the island. I sorta believe that Kate would give Aaron back to Claire's mom but I don't see what Sawyers ex had to do with it, other then Kate keeping her promise to Sawyer. At least she can keep one promise because she had no trouble telling anyone that would listen that the whole Oceanic 6 cover was lie. That right there is why I don't like Kate, she does whatever is best for her at the moment. Which is why I can see why she would give up Aaron. I don't get why she wouldn't tell Jack when he asked but she did get something from him by not telling, which is probably what she wanted at that moment.

Overall a good episode and I can't wait for next weeks episode which seems to center around Ben. I also loved tonight's ending with Ben waking up to Locke, the man he had killed just a few days before. Oh and I loved the interaction between Hurley and Miles trying to explain time travel. The fact that the writers can bring to light how many of us viewers feel on the whole subject makes me feel like we are in good hands. Plus its good to know that Hurley is just as lost as the rest of us. Check back soon for the connections between lost and early Egypt, there are more then you may think.