Thursday, August 19, 2010

USA Network Summer Shows

It seems this summer I have been hooked by the shows on USA Network. It started last year with Royal Pains which is a fun mix of comedy, drama, strange medical issues, family issues etc. It sounds strange but really it is just a fun way to spend the summer with out resorting to re-runs and reality fare. I will be the first to admit that the first few episodes of Royal Pains second season left me longing for the first season but after a weak start the show is back to its season one ways and just as much fun as ever. Royal Pains airs Thursday nights.

The next show on USA that caught my interest was White Collar. I had intended to watch this show when it premiered last fall but just never got around to it. Lucky for me USA aired a marathon before the second season started so I was able to catch up and I am glad I did. White Collar is easily my favorite show of the summer. It follow a renowned art thief who is caught by the FBI, twice, and given the choice of going back to jail or working with the White Collar crimes division. This show reminds me of those old detective shows but with the added twist of the criminal working to help the bad guys. This show is well written and gives you just enough of a recurring storyline to keep you coming back while at the same time solving each weeks crime without dragging it out. Do yourself a favor and check out White Collar Tuesdays on USA.

The last show that has hooked me on USA this summer is Covert Affairs. It is a cross between Alias and the Bourne movies. Covert Affairs follows a new CIA agent who is thrown into the spy game fresh from the training farm. Just like Alias we get to travel the world via the spy service but unlike Alias there are no sci-fi elements to keep you scratching your head. This is just like a weekly Bourne movie but with a continuing storyline of a lost love who is the reason young Annie is thrown into the spy world with such little training. Not a bad way to wrap up Tuesdays after watching White Collar.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Movie Trailer: Easy A

Sorry it has been awhile since we have posted. I will be back later with new movie reviews, in the meantime watch this: