Thursday, December 31, 2009

Caitlin's Top Ten Favorite Movies From 2009

My favorite movie from this year.. 500 Days of Summer (It was just so my type of movie.)

My least favorite of the year.. He's Just Not That Into You (Utterly depressing, and all of the women were co-dependant messes.)

My top ten favorite's from the year..

1. 500 Days of Summer (I will buy this movie.)

2. Star Trek (I could watch this one over and over.)

3. Up (Seriously one of my favorite cartoons ever.. and YES I cried.)

4. Zombieland (I didn't see this making the cut when I saw the previews. But it was hysterical and Woody Harrelson was made for this role.)

5. Inglourious Basterds (Sure it was violent, but I actually really enjoyed this movie. Brad Pitt was awesome in it.)

6. The Proposal (You can't go wrong with Ryan Reynolds with his shirt off..ever.)

7. The Blind Side (A movie with a lot of heart. Had I seen this movie before all the hype it might have crept higher on the list, but I felt it was just slightly too long. Still an incredible story and awesome movie.)

8. Taken (Totally cheesy acting, but still really intense, a perfect popcorn muncher.)

9. 17 Again (Surprisingly funny.)

10. Twilight (But only because it was so bad, it was good.)

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Amazing Race Finale

A few weeks back we saw Gary and Matt get eliminated. The following week we saw Brian and Ericka get saved by a non elimination round. Last week we saw The Globetrotters take a 4 hour penalty that put Brian and Ericka into the final 3. Yesterday we had the finale with Brian and Ericka, Meghan and Cheyne and Sam and Dan from here on to be known as the Marrieds, the Blonde's, and the Bickering Brothers. So now you should be all caught up.
The teams started out the final leg of the race heading towards fabulous Las Vegas (I think it's a law in Nevada to add the fabulous) on the same flight. Once in Vegas they had to find Elvis and The Little White Chapel. Marrieds and Blonde's and Brothers all got to The King at the same time and waited for him to finish his song before getting their clue. The whole Elvis/Wedding thing just felt awkward and lasted to long in my opinion. Anyways, after that it was off to do some repelling off the side of The Mandalay Bay, face first. Brian and Ericka got there first and Ericka seemed to have fun plummeting down the hotel. The Blonde's were next to arrive and I was a little shocked that Chyene did this one after making Meghan do all the other hard roadblocks on the race. It was fun to watch Ericka build a lead over Chyene whose fear of heights seemed to slow him down. The Brothers, doomed by a poor taxi driver, arrived last but Sam was the quickest down the building and made up most of their lost time.
The teams next clue took them to The Mirage where they got to take part of Love by strapping into a bouncing/elastic harness and being shot into the air by their partner to grab a bouquet of flowers hanging from the ceiling. The Marrieds were the first to arrive but Ericka had a meltdown at the worst time and from this point one you counted them out. The Blonde's finished first followed by The Brothers. The next clue told them to go to the most famous in Morocco. The Blonde's had no idea where this was (the Monte Carlo) and lost their lead. The Brothers who couldn't even say Morocco were the first to get to the Monte Carlo, thanks to a well placed phone call, and had to count out 1 million in poker chips. The Marrieds showed up next after what seemed like forever at The Mirage and The Blonde's after driving all over the strip finally figured out where they needed to go. During the counting of the chips the Brothers continued to fight and it effected their counting the chips. The Blonde's finished first, then The Brothers and The Marrieds. Then they had to go to the MGM Grand to find Mr. Las Vegas who turned out to be Wayne Newton. The blonde's knew who he was right away, the Brothers not so much and who knows what the Marrieds thought since we never saw this. Mr. Newton told the teams to find his house and the finish line. Not shockingly the Blonde's won the race to the finish line and the million dollar prize, I wonder if it was in poker chips? The Brothers came in second and The Marrieds in third.
I am fine with The Blonde's winning because they really stayed calm under the pressure of the race overall and the final leg in particular. I think if The Brothers could have just stopped fighting for this leg they would have been the winners but who knows. I would have loved to seen The Marrieds win but didn't think it would happen since they were always just so close but not quite close enough the entire race. Overall it was a good season I thought even if there were no real "villains" to root against. Are you pleased with the outcome? Who was your favorite team this race? And who would you label the most villain like?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Survivor Recap

I know at first I wasn't the biggest fan of this season of Survivor but since the tribes merged I am loving it! I love watching Russell cause havoc, love the way he keeps finding the hidden idols even after everyone else knows he has done it twice, love that people still trust him even after he keeps picking off people that are threats to him. If I was on the jury and he was in the final 2 he would get my vote. Say what you will about the way he plays the game but you have to admit he is out playing everyone else this season by a miles.

Tonight we got more ramblings from Shambo who I would not want to go against for fear that she would have a dream about me and make me her next target like she did to Dave tonight who simply (and justifiably) asked when her chicken soup would be ready (2 hours for soup? Really??). If Shambo wins the million I would be shocked. Dave was lucky enough that Russell slipped up and told John that he had the idol. This made John a threat and Russell wisely got ride of him with the support of all of John's former tribe members save Shambo who was sold that Dave would be the one to go next because she saw it in a dream. Seeing as Russell risked losing Shambo as a solid vote by keeping Dave and going against his word to her, it should be interesting to see what happens next. It also looks like Russell's former tribe mates are thinking that Russell may no longer be an asset which would be a mistake at this point I think. The only reason the four remain Foa Foa are still here is because of Russell and they would be wise to keep him around for a little while longer, just not long enough to get to the final 2 because if he is there he would win since the jury so far is made up of all blindsides that all blame someone other then Russell for putting them there. If they only knew...