Thursday, November 19, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Another week of So You Think You Dance has come and gone. Channing and Kevin were the two eliminated this week. Am I heart broken? No, but I did think Channing could dance. She may not be the most personable dancer, but she is a really good dancer. As for Kevin, when I compare him to the other guy dancers I just think he's okay.

I think my favorite couple right now is Legacy and Kathryn. They're both like-able and talented.

My favorite dance was probably the contemporary piece or the pop jazz. They were both really good.

So who do you think will make it into the top ten? My guess is that Victor will go home, but am a little unsure about which girl.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

After Tuesday's performance show, I fell in love with Jakob and Legacy's dancing. They're fabulous aren't they? What's funny, is I usually like female dancers better. But this season I love the guys.

I was sad to see Pauline go, I felt like it should have been Mollee. I just don't think Mollee and her partner are quite ready to dance on the show. Their dance was a train wreck and I think Nigel was right when he said they were acting young. Not as much with what they were saying as much as how they dance.

Although I do think Nigel got a little too mad at them the following night. I don't think he needed to tell the audience to shut up, I just think he was upset that a good couple had to fall into the bottom three.

I think my favorite dance this week was Mandy Moore's Jazz routine. I loved the character that Jakob brought to it.

I'm excited for next week, hopefully we see a Mia Michael's routine.

Date Night Trailer

Need a Laugh? Watch this.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Amazing Race Recaps

Last week saw the teams go to Holland or the Netherlands or whatever you prefer to call it. I call it awesome. Counting bells, clogs, salted fish, crazy farm golf, carnival games. Really what more could you need? Brian and Ericka had a terrible leg and due to not reading the clue so did their feet. I don't know how far I could walk in clogs but I am sure I wouldn't have gone as far as they did. But since they should have been on a bike I don't feel too bad for them. I for sure thought they were goners this week but once again it just proves that you should never give up. Why? Because as bad as their leg was it was worse for the poker players. The girls had no luck hitting the bell at the carnival then switched to golf, then back to the bell, them back to golf. They just could catch a break and it the end exhausted themselves into last place where. Eventually the quite the race and were eliminated, which is too bad because they were starting to grow on me.

This week the racers where off to Sweden where they raced to a theme park that I totally want to visit now and then played a little ring toss with the Travelocity Gnome before getting to go blow some stuff up. All the teams seemed to have a good time, but none more then the Globetrotters. They just seem like they are having a blast on the race. The part of the race brought back an old Race task, unrolling bails of hay to find a clue. The last time the Race did this task one team was there for 10 hours and unrolled over 100 bails of hay. I have been looking forward to this ever since I say it last weeks preview. And I don't feel let down. The brothers were the first to arrive and started fighting right off the bat. Sam was unrolling the bails and Dan seemed to think it a good a idea to yell at him. Not very helpful, then Meghan and Cheyne showed up and they too must have drank the fighting water since they were arguing most of this leg as well. Meghan was picked to unroll the hay after Cheyne wouldn't make a decision as to who should do it. Then the Globetrotters showed up and Big Easy was selected to unroll, perhaps this was his B-day gift to Flight Time. The Globetrotters were the first to find the flag in the hay and the first to finish this leg and have become the team to beat if they can keep running clean legs of the race. Meghan and Cheyne finished second, followed by Brian and Ericka. Props to Brian for bringing things into perspective for Dan by telling him the task wasn't that easy and his yelling at his brother wasn't helping. This left left the Brothers and Gary & Matt left on the field. Finally Sam found the flag and Dan broke down at the mat feeling terrible about how he acted this leg. But the real winner of this leg was Gary, the oldest racer left, who kept going until he found his flag even though there were no teams left. And it's a good thing he did because this was a non elimination leg and they will need all the extra time they can get next week for their speed bump. I am loving the Amazing Race! Who are your picks to win of the remaining 5 teams? Do you think Gary & Matt can fight their way back? How would you have reacted during the hay roll? Sadly if I was there with one of my brothers I think I would have acted like the Brothers with lots of yelling but I would have loved to have preformed like the Globetrotters who ran a great leg this time around. Comment away.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Survivor Recaps

Last week Liz became the latest victim of Russell after she said she didn't trust him. Now I can't speak for the other people on the yellow tribe but wouldn't you find it odd that anytime somebody speaks out about or speaks against Russell they are then voted out? Okay, that might be giving the other 3 people too much credit, as the only reason they have made it this far is because they have kept their mouths shut, the only smart thing they have done.

This week the tribes merged and chaos broke out everywhere. Russell thought that he had the rest of his old tribe tied up and it seems like they will do his bidding but the purple tribe did make him nervous enough to play his idol at council even though he had nothing to worry about. I think this was do to the fact that he had pushed so hard to get Laura out, but since she (along with John) won immunity that wasn't going to happen. It was amazing how quickly almost every one's name got thrown out has the best person to be voted off. Well at least those people that spoke out the most. In the end Erik, whose plan it was to force out Russell's idol, was voted off. I think this was due mostly to him not being able to shut his mouth. Also the fact that he targeted Monica didn't seem to go over well with the rest of his former tribe. It's a simple number's game at this point and he should have convinced his tribe to vote out an old yellow tribe member. If he would have done this he would still be around, or he could have played his idol. But no, just like that we have a merged tribe and no hidden idols to worry about. If finally seems like the season is starting to pick up (Finally!). Next week looks like Russell may have some worrying to do and really it's about time the game plays him!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Sorry life has been hectic. So I have missed posting on the first couple of shows. So a quick recap.

Billy Bell is off the show because of an illness. Luckily they are letting him come back next year. Noelle had an ankle injury. I was glad they gave her another chance to dance, and that they didn't cut her. I think she just needs to find her groove, and hopefully next week she will do well.

They replaced Billy with the Asian guy. Sorry, but I don't remember his name. He was fine, but I think he showed why they didn't pick him in the first place. He just needs a bit more experience. It will be interesting to see what he can do next season. He got cut the first week, but they are letting him come back, so it seemed like a good thing.

They also cut Ariana. It was sad because she was an amazing dancer. Her solo was killer. But someone had to go I guess.

Then yesterday they booted two of the tappers. Which I have to say didn't leave me that sad. I think tapping is really cool. You have to be really talented. But I just don't know how I feel about tappers on So You Think You Can Dance. I just don't know if they fit in. Especially in their solo's.

They cut Bianca (wasn't it funny how with Nigel's accent he was calling her Bianker?) and Phillip. I really liked Bianca last week, but this week I didn't love the dance she did. Phillip seemed nice, and they were both talented. But I was glad they kept who they did.

My favorite dances were Napolean and Tabitha's hip hop routine and Stacey Tookie's contemporary routine. I think all of the dancers shined in them. How good is Legacy getting? I am loving him. I also didn't think they gave Pauline enough credit for her dancing. She was so precise. I also laughed out loud when Ellenore did that alien thing. Too funny.

Overall I think the dances have been okay. I can't wait for a Mia Michaels routine. I think I didn't get into this week as much because it was a lot of ballroom stuff and a lot of the routines felt disjointed. That one where the Kate Bosworth look a like and her partner did that lift? It just felt awkward to watch. I am excited for next week.

Who are your favorite dancers so far?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Amazing Race: Episode 6

The first part of the past week's episode had the teams take on a spy-like mission to paddle out to a yacht, retrieve a watch, then head back to their waiting team mate to open a briefcase that contained their next clue. Most of the teams figured out quite quickly that the time on the watch was the code to open the briefcase except the Globetrotters who seemed to have a hard time figuring it out and this problem quickly put them in last place. Once they opened the briefcase they found a detour waiting for them: Gold or Glass. In gold the teams had to go to a local jewelry store and weigh out 500k worth of gold. Only problem is the price of gold fluctuates my the minute so teams had to work fast to get the right weight to equal 500k. In Glass the teams had to assemble hookahs using all the parts in a crate and matching the examples of pipes already put together. Meghan & Cheyne who were in first the whole race choose the Glass detour and quickly set out on building their hookahs until Meghan let the frustration and the heat of Dubai get to her and left Cheyne to build the hookahs basically on his own. Brian & Ericka choose Gold and it proved to be too hard for them and after a few attempts they were off to Glass. The brothers and the Poker players continued to be a good team and the Brothers were smart enough to bring a calculator on the race but not smart enough to figure out how much gold they needed. Good thing for them the Poker players were there and used the bothers calculator to figure it out and help both teams move on. The Globetrotters finally getting their code to the clue showed up at the Glass detour and saw that Brian & Ericka were still there after two hours and quickly opted to try gold were they were smart enough to ask to borrow a calculator form a store clerk and quickly caught up to Mika & Canaan who were trapped at the top of a water slide by Mika's fear of heights, water, and what I can only guess is winning. I don't have any idea of how long Mika & Canaan sat at the top of the water slide but knowing that the pit stop was so close I don't know that I would have been as nice as Canaan or as understanding of Mika's fear, it's a water slide after all. Once the Globetrotters showed up Mika & Canaan had two minutes to go down before having to step aside and let the Globetrotters go. I was sure this would be all the motivation that Mika needed but that thought proved incorrect as she stepped aside and let the Globetrotters, and a chance at a million buck, go sliding by. Once down Canaan went down the slide hopping the Mika would follow but she never did and they walked to the pit stop where Phil informed them they were done. It's a sad way to go and I am sure Mika will hold onto that for awhile but it made for great TV! What do you think? Would you have been as nice as Canaan was about the whole thing? Or would you have dumped Mika right then and there? (For the record I think I would have pushed her down the slide hopping she'd forgive me later.) I mean you know what you are signing up for on this show! Do you think the Globetrotter's were out of line my taunting Mika before her two minutes were up? Or was it just good game talk? (I have no issue with it, it's just a game.) And will they be able to bounce back from last place in tonight's episode? Comment Away.