Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost Theories

Here are a few of my latest theories on Lost. Some of these theories were made after being prodded in a specific direction by Doc Jensen at Spoiler Alert; if you are not up to date on Lost stop reading now.

Last night we learned that Ben is the one that put Locke in the coffin. Ben only did what he did to Locke on hearing Eloise Hawking’s name. Which I think is because she is the same Elle that was on the island with Widmore back in the 50’s, therefore Ben knows that she is most likely working with Charles. This is also supported by the fact that Charles told Locke that she would help him get his friends back to the Island. Also why would Ben go to all the trouble of talking Locke out of killing himself if he was going to do it all along? Seems like a lot of trouble to go to.

I also think that Ben convinced Charles to move the island once before, as alluded to by Charles last night, and that is why Charles is trying to get back to the island and knew where Locke would turn up in Tunisia, because he himself had been there before.

Kate bugs me and I wish she would just go away. No reason for this just thought I would throw this out there. Go Team Juliet!

The pilot, Frank, took one of the boats with a women, we were informed last night. I think this women was Sun. I think the reason for this is because Locke promised Jin that he would not bring her back and the island is keeping Locke's promise by not putting her in the 70’s with the rest of the group. Sadly if this turns out to be correct Sun and Jin may never reunite.

As for them being in the 70’s it brings about a better chance of Jacks granddad being in fact Jack (Doc Jensen at brought this one to my attention). That would explain why he was trying to escape the retirement home in order to go to some undisclosed location, ie the Island. Now this may be a little Back to the Future-esqe but could just be crazy enough to work.

What are the chances of Arron and Walt having been on that plane? Last night we learned that Locke visited Walt in NY and Hurley in the mental home in LA. We also know that Hurley received a visit from Walt in the mental institution before being set free by Sayid. This would have placed Walt in LA around the same time as the plane leaving. We don’t know what convinced Kate, Sayid or Hurley to get on the plane but I am thinking whoever or whatever it was could have convinced Walt to go as well and Arron could have easily been carried on.

I think Caesar and Ileana work for Widmore and or Ben, I am not sure of who yet, it may be both we may have a double crosser on our hands. I think Caesar is looking for the H-bomb and that is why he was so interested in those maps. I also think their plane crash landed on the smaller island where Kate, Sawyer and Jack where held in season 3. Rumor at that time is that Kate and Sawyer were smashing rocks to make a landing strip. Also when Locke was overlooking the ocean you could clearly see another island off in the distance. This would explain why that island was there. Also might this explain where Frank and Sun went.

And there you have all my random theories that came to mind after last nights episode.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Okay, so I have to admit it. I love the Biggest Loser. I never used to watch it, but ever since I got my TIVO, I have been a faithful watcher, and I actually get excited about seeing it every week.

Am I alone here? Any other Biggest Loser watchers? I just love how every episode is inspiring. It always makes me want to hop on the treadmill and start working out. I love to see these peoples success stories. I'm not naive. I know that just because it's called a reality show, I know that it's not all straight reality, and you can tell they make it more intense. But to tell you the truth I appreciate that. It keeps it interesting.

Anyway. We're a couple episodes into this season and some people have been cut. But they just reorganized the couples into two teams. The black team with Jillian.. who by the way I would want as my trainer if I went on the show. I love how tough she is. And the blue team with Bob.

So far this is my ranking of who I like best descending to who I like least..

#1- The former Brown Team
The dad reminds me of mine. He always puts his son first, and the son in return is so sweet to his dad. The only problem is the dad has really bad knees and can't do nearly as much as every other contestant. Which puts his son in a tough position because he has to make up the slack..

#2- The former Green Team
Well half of it anyway. The girl Tara on the left is the person that is the hardest worker on the show. She is tough. Both girl kind of have weird personalities. But I like how hard they work.

#3- The former Black Team member. (His teammate was kicked off)
I just like this guy, he seems to be a nice good guy, who is there to work out and doesn't create too much drama.

#4- The former Blue Team
These guys seem to be fun, and work really hard. They bugged me a bit last night.

#5- The former Yellow Team

They whine sometimes, but they both have families and you can tell they want to lose the weight for them.

#6- The former Purple Team

Um these guys bug me. I am not sure why, I can tell they are super hard workers, but it seems like they are entirely too emotional and cheesy.

#7- The former Pink Team (her teammate got kicked off last week)

Least favorite. She sent her own daughter home. And she cries way too much. I think she is a bit selfish and I don't think she'll last long.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Bachelor (The Women Tell All)

Favorite of the night: Jillian

Least favorite: Natalie

Best Dressed: Jillian (did you see how cute her shoes were?) and Megan (her cute lil' yellow dress made me want spring even more)

Highlight of the night for me: When they showed Fred and Noelle! I loved loved Fred, and Noelle is darling. So happy they hooked up!

Seriously when Natalie whined about her Blackberry and Ipod, I wanted to gag. Next time try damage control Nat. Defensiveness isn't attractive. Good luck finding a date.

What did y'all think?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best Picture Showcase

Well we made it through all 5 movies yesterday at the AMC Best Picture Showcase. Below are my reviews of all 5 movies starting with my least favorite and ending at my favorite. To read the recap on the days adventure click over to my blog here. Thanks to Diana for being brave enough to take on this challenge with me.

  • Milk- This was the first movie of the day and even after seeing 4 other movies it felt the longest. The film seemed very choppy almost like they were trying to hard to make it feel like a documentary. That might of been what they were going for as the movie is based on the life of Harvey Milk but it just didn't seem to come together well. None of the acting jumped off the screen with the exception of James Franco's small restrained role. I should state that I am not a huge Sean Penn fan but the whole time I keep thinking that he was playing a variation of the role he played in I Am Sam. Once coming to that conclusion it was hard to see anything else in his portrayal of Milk. It was an interesting story on the life of Harvey Milk but I wish the filmmakers had spent more time on the aftermath of his death in the film as the ending seemed very rushed, especially after the long build up.

  • The Reader- The second film of the day was very well acted, thanks mostly to Kate Winslet who holds nothing back in her portrayal of Hanna. The Reader follows the story of Michael Berg who is drawn into an affair with Hanna, a stranger twice his age, after she helps him when he becomes ill. Hanna enjoys Michael reading to her and later we learn that Hanna is illiterate. Years later when Michael is a law student observing the Nazi war crime trials he is shocked to see Hanna on the stand accused of war crimes. The movie was very well acted but the subject matter makes it a little hard to take in and leaves the viewer feeling depressed by the end even though you are given closure on all of the characters and their storylines. A very interesting movie that is worth the viewing if you are in for a heavy movie.

  • Frost/Nixon- The last movie of the evening and the second based on historical events, after Milk, Frost/Nixon tells the story of British TV personality David Frost's interview with former President Nixon after he resigns from office. Frank Langella in my opinion gives the best performance of the lead actors in any of the movies shown today. His portrayal of Nixon is amazing and he would get my vote for Best Actor. The story is quite captivating and quite humorous at times. Even though most people know the outcome of the interviews you are still on the edge of your seat as the movie reaches the end of the interviews. Director Ron Howard does a good job of recapturing the sense of these 1977 interviews and the viewers feels like they are fly on the wall during the whole process.

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button- Movie number 3 of the day is based on the story by F. Scott Fitzgerald about a man who is born in his 80's and ages backward. This movie has the same feel as movies like Forest Gump where the viewer can appreciate all the attention to detail on even the smallest thing, like a button. The movie has heart and I really enjoyed the uniqueness of the story while at the same time being taken back by the way the filmmakers present the world from 1918 to 2005. It truly is a trip worth taking.

  • Slumdog Millionaire- The 4th movie of the day and my favorite. From the acting by all involved to the music and the colorful shots of India, this movie was the most enjoyable of the day. It tells the rag to riches story of Jamal Malik who appears on the game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. While on the show Jamal flashes back through his life revealing the sadness, heartbreak, and joy that leads him to know the answers of the game show. This movie is a celebration of life and your feel uplifted by the final scene of the movie. The movie gives the viewer the whole human emotion from its first scene to it's last every emotion is covered and you feel connected to Jamal and the others in the story. My vote for Best Picture goes to Slumdog Millionaire.

And that is all 5 reviews. I can't believe we made it through all five movies in one day. It was defiantly a fun adventure and I think I would do it again.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Saturday Movie Madness

Tomorrow I am going to go little crazy at the movies. AMC Theatres has a Best Picture Showcase where they show all 5 Best Picture nominees the day before the Oscars. There is one AMC theater in the state and tomorrow I am going to try and make it through all 5 movies. Yes, it will be a tough task but I feel I am up to the challenge. I will report back on what I think of the movies, but I have already seen Slumdog Millionaire and think it will be hard to top. Make sure you check back on the 22nd to find out how this adventure went, that is if I don't o.d. on popcorn!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bachelor Finale Spoiler

Thanks to our super sleuth Kim for finding these little gems. Don't watch these if you want to be surprised about the Bachelor finale. But if you're curious..

click here




(in order)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Totally Lost

Okay, so thanks to we learn that tonight's episode of Lost is titled 316. EW also tells us that this may be a CS Lewis reference. If you have the Chronicles of Narnia all books in one book, which I am lucky enough to have (Becky I promise I will finish it one day and give it back) you know that page 316 is the title page to Prince Caspian. If you have read or seen Prince Caspian you know that the Pevensie kids go back to Narnia during Prince Caspian. And being the geek that I am I checked the book to make sure that Prince Caspian really started on page 316, and it does, but I also found that the first chapter of the book is titled "The Island"!

For a fun, if not a little long recap of last weeks episode of Lost click here. True Lost fans will really enjoy this or this. (Be sure to check out Lost Untangled while reading this link)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bachelor (Overnight Dates)

Um what???

One thing is for sure. If I were on the show I couldn't be with him after him being with all those other girls. If I were Jillian I would be mad that he had been so intimate with her. And if I were the other girls, I would be mad he was so intimate with Jillian too!

My personal opinion is that he really loves Melissa. I remain that that's who he chooses. I also think the clip with him crying in the finale is not about Deanna. After all, he said to Molly and Melissa that they are the two most amazing girls he has met. I don't remember him saying anything about Deanna.

All I can say is I'm super excited for the finale. And I want to find out what happens with the after the final rose show. Sometimes I wish I were Chris Harrison!

The Amazing Race 14

The Amazing Race is back and as good as every. The first episode aired last night (you can catch it on if you missed it) and the teams are off to a running, jumping and falling start.

The 11 teams left LA for Switzerland via either Milan or Munich depending on which flight they caught. Once there one member from each team had to complete the second tallest bungee jump in the world, which was much easier for some teams then others. If I had to do this I think I would be somewhere in between jumping right away and being pushed, it was a long way down to the bottom of the dam.

Once the jump was completed the teams had to race to another town in Switzerland where the would be moving 200 pounds of cheese from an aging shack at the top of a steep hill to the bottom of said hill. This task was made more difficult by having to move the cheese wheels with what looked like an old wooden sled tied to their backs with giant cheese wheels attached. Lets just say that the cheese beat the wooden backpack thing every time and resulted in cheese wheels hurtling down the hill and in some cases contestants as well. Some of the teams muscled through much better then others. A few teams used their minds to over come, way to go Hillbilly team for using the wooden back thing as an actual sled and only having to make one trip up the hill.

After each team had completed the cheese wheel march of doom it was off to the pit stop which they teams had to find by following the sound coming from a group of yodelers. This seemed a little unfair as one of the team consists of a mom and her deaf son. But all unfairness vanished when this team came in first and Phil signed to them just that at the mat. The typical fighting couple (Jennifer and Preston) came in last and I wasn't sad to see them go.

This season is off to a great start and the producers have help that by cutting out the airport scenes in exchange for more local views during this first leg. The teams I am rooting for after the first episode are: Margie Luke, the mom and deaf son; Tammy & Victor, the brother and sister; and Amanda and Kris, the dating couple. If I had to pick the team to win it all at this point I would say Amanda and Kris because the seem like the kind of couple that dominates this show. That being said I really want Margie and Luke to win it all and I hope they do! For a more in depth recap of all the teams click here or here.

He's Just Not That Into You



Okay, it wasn't my favorite. I think some people would like it. I'm just not that into this movie. It isn't what you expect going into it. And I am someone who read the book previously so it might be partly that too. The book was funny. I just didn't think the movie was. Did I laugh? Yes, I think a couple times. But overall, it felt long and I felt like they didn't portray women in a good light whatsoever.

They made most of the girl leads look like dumb stalkers. And the men, insensitive jerks. It could have been better, and maybe that's why I am being so harsh. Plus the plot between Scarlett Johanson, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Connelly was entirely too depressing. Not to mention a lot of the other plot lines.

I would recommend red boxing this one. Don't waste eight dollars. Also go into it with low expectations and you might be pleasantly surprised. The highlight of the movie to me was seeing Ginnefer Goodwins outfits throughout the show.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Final Oscar Polls

The final Oscar polls are now up and located to your right. You will also be able to see your choices for all the previous categories. Thanks for voting and be sure to tune in Sunday Feb. 22 to ABC to see who wins.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost (2-11-09)

Oh Lost you crafty thing you. I don't completely understand you or your new time travel stuff, but I do know one thing for sure. I love you.

Bloody noses? Creepy red heads saying they can't have chocolate before bed? Time travel? Jumping down wells?

Predictions anyone?

Eric thinks that the guy who speaks to the dead is perhaps the spooky Dharma guy on those videos son. I think he might be the same person. Who knows with all this time travel stuff.

Perhaps at the end of the show they will go back in time and warn themselves not to board the ill-fated plane?

Last nights show was one of my favorites. We got to see Mr. Smoke Monster, Sawyer and Jin's reunion was funny, and we got to see more of Danielle's craziness... or was she crazy? Does the smoke monster actually change them? Does it take them to the others who brain wash them? We see Jacks dad again!

Does anyone else agree that this show is incredibly dynamic and we won't see another show quite like it for a while? As much as I want my answers, I kind of don't want it to end. Ever.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bachelor (Hometown Dates)

He, he he..

Um Naomi didn't have a chance last night after her hometown date did she? Poor girl. I made my husband watch it with me and as soon as he saw her dad he predicted that he was going to be a bit overly religious. Plus when the mom said that Jason in a former life was a mom, I just about died. Jason's got class though and was super sweet the whole time. You gotta give a guy props for that.

Actually after seeing Jillian's hometown date I knew Naomi didn't have a chance. He has such a solid connection with Mellisa and Molly that I knew he would pick Jillian, and that left Naomi out in the rain. After seeing him kiss Naomi so passionately at the end of her date, I kind of realized that their connection may have been a bit more on the physical side.

Jillian and her family were darling and I like that she seems so real. I think she will be in the final two as it stands right now.

You may ask why I don't think Molly will be in the top two. Even though she is freaking adorable and classy and fun. She and him don't seem to fit like Jillian and Melissa do. I could be wrong, and I am sure next week I could see something that changes my mind. But as of now I think she is getting cut next week. But um how cute were her outfits? Darling!

And the girl who I personally think will be the girl he proposes to? Melissa. She has been in my top picks every single week and will continue to stay there until he picks her. I just see that connection between them. And did anyone else catch him trying to round second? Bob and I both did. And even though he didn't meet her fam, I still think they have the strongest connection. And please note she was the only one he "conversed" with after the dates.

I'm getting excited to see the return of Deanna, and getting more excited for him to be the gentleman he is and send her on her way. Oh and seriously New Zealand? Lucky!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Week, Two More Oscar Polls.

Okay, the next round of Oscar nominees waiting for your votes. Make sure you vote in both new polls located to the right.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Final Five Bachelor

For the first time ever there are four seemingly amazing girls in the final four. In the past it seems like I have always had a clear cut favorite. Not this time. After last nights show, I really like all four! But if he passes them up to choose Deanna, I think he's a fool!

Poor Stephanie went home last night. They sure made that rose ceremony intense eh? Stephanie seems like a great lady, and I think she will find a great man, it just never seemed like it would be Jason. No spark. Thanks to Kim who provided this link. You can take a look at Stephanie's late husband and read a bit about him. (he is the second bio)

Now on to the other girls..

Jillian's got style, I swear every outfit she wears, I want! She seems fun and adventurous, but does she have the wow factor and the spark that the other's have? I think next week we will see. I like her, but am not sold on the fact that her and Jason have a deep connection. She is a bit of an underdog.

Naomi has that exotic thing going on and you can tell Jason digs her. He seems really comfortable with her, but I think he has some reservations about her. They were super cute together on their date though. I like her and think she seems like she is chill and caring. But is she ready to settle down? Or is their some lingering baggage? (get it? she's a stewardess. yes i'm a nerd.)
Melissa is the all American cheerleader girl who seems the most ready to be a mama to me. She and Jason seem to have quite the connection. I'm not sure if he will pick her, but I still think she will be in the final two. She seems a bit needy at times, but is still my front runner. I think she is the safe bet.
Last, but not least is Molly. She is darling. She is always smiling isn't she? Plus she looked super cute on their group date. My only concern is that she seems like she is trying too hard at times. Like she wants to lay it all out for him. Not a ton of mystery, but is freaking adorable.

As it stands now I think I would be happy with any girl he chooses. I think that will change after next week judging by those previews. If I had to guess right now I think he might cut Naomi or Jillian. I think he wants to take Melissa and Molly to the over night stays. Um and I am getting very excited to see what they do in New Zealand for the over night stays! Lucky, lucky girls. Any picks on who will be getting the rose? Favorites? Would love to hear opinions as I am a little up in the air this week.