Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Reviews

Since it has been awhile since we have updated the site, I thought I would give a few quick reviews on some of the TV shows and movies I have seen lately.

  • Castle-Mondays on ABC

Castle is your basic cop/forensic/investigative show. The twist here is that a popular crime novelist/single father is working with a female detective of the NYPD. The reason why, we are told in the first episode, is because the mayor is a big fan of Castle (the writer) and allows him to help on a case that resembles a scene from his book. After helping solve the case the experience allows Castle to break his writers block, thus leading him to a full time consultant role in the department. The show is somewhat predictable but there are enough differences from the other cop like shows to keep you interested. Overall not a bad show and the cast makes it a little bit better, especially the smaller characters.

  • Better Off Ted-Wednesdays on ABC

This half hour comedy is pretty funny and anyone who has ever worked for a big, heartless corporation can relate. It follows the staff of a big multi-interested corporation and the people who work in its research and development group. There a plenty of laughs to be had and the show moves at a brisk pace and the characters are all likable enough, even the boss lady, who you love to hate but love at the same time. If you need a laugh to break up your week Better Off Ted isn't a bad choice.

  • Rachael Getting Married-Now on DVD

I wanted to like this movie because I like Anne Hathaway and was interested to see her in a more grown up role. Sadly the movie takes itself way to seriously and it was just boring and dull. Sure Anne Hathaway does a good job and makes you believe that her character has issues, but in the end the movie takes too long to get its point across. Some of the scenes here just went on and on for what seemed like an eternity and it just felt weird and forced. I found myself checking how much time was left every 10 minutes, which felt more like 30 minutes.

  • Twilight-Now on DVD

Okay I didn't watch this last one since it has been out on DVD, but have heard way too many times during the last week that it was now out on video and thought I would provide my opinion once again. Worst vampire movie ever!! Sparkly vampires are not scary nor something to be scarred of. I know that a lot of people enjoyed this movie but I just don't get it. Its not well made or well acted and doesn't have any redeeming quality that I can recall. To those of you who enjoyed the movie, good for you! Just don't ask me to sit through it again...ever!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Race to Witch Mountain

I have to confess that I was excited to see Race to Witch Mountain as I was a fan of the original movies, Escape to Witch Mountain and Return to Witch Mountain, from the late 70's and early 80's. What can I say I have a soft spot for those movies as I had watched them numerous times growing up, just don't ask me to explain them. I just remember that I liked them when I was little. Needless to say, I was excited when I heard they were doing a remake. It's the little things that bring me joy these days. Anyway on to the new movie...
...I have to say that I was not disappointed by Race to Witch Mountain. It was a fun family movie in the same vein has National Treasure, the first one not the second, that had something for everyone in the family. Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, you name it this movie has it. Did that make it feel like there was a lot going on at some points during the movie? Yes, but the overall plot moves along at a brisk pace and there is enough car chases and explosions to keep you from thinking about all the side stories to much. They are there for comic value and so on and do serve their roles well.
The cast here is led by Dwayne "No longer the Rock" Johnson, who seems to really be enjoying his time here. You really feel that he develops a connection to the two alien teens who hitch a ride in his cab at the start of the movie. This really is a movie for the whole family and there doesn't seem to be many of those out there these days that the whole family will actually all enjoy. It is rated PG and there are some frighting scenes that may scare the under 4 crowd, but come on it is a movie about aliens so I think you know what you are in for. It is no worse then E.T. so if they can handle that movie they should be okay here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Biggest Loser


more annoying.
most annoying. (don't blame your problems on Jillian, take responsibility for yourself)

So far who I want to win is either Mike from the brown team,

or her

or Tara from the green team.

Have to say though, I don't really care this season. They all seem to whine too much and I don't feel like I am really pulling for any one person. I want another season like Ali's!

Friday, March 6, 2009


First things first, this is not a kids movie. Leave the under 6 crowd at home as this movie is creepy for adults let alone kids. Coraline is the story of a girl whose family moves into an apartment in a old house. As an only child Coraline is forced to be creative and mischievous when she is ignored by her parents. In exploring the new house she finds a small door that has been covered will wallpaper and bricked in. Late one night Coraline follows some mice into the door that has magically been un-bricked. On the other side she finds an alternate world where everything is perfect, the food, her parents, the neighbors, everything. Only thing is all the people have buttons for eyes. Coraline easily lets this go as life is good on this side of the door. After subsequent visits however things start to unravel. Coraline comes to understand that this world is not as it seems and to get back home she must save the souls of children trapped in this world.

This is where things start to get really creepy when when learn that the "other Mother" or ruler of this other world has no desire to give up her prized souls. Coraline makes a deal with her that if she finds the souls then they can all leave and if she doesn't the the other mother can take her eyes and replace them with buttons. Creepy!! I won't say any more but will say that Coraline realizes that her parents weren't so bad after all.

The stop motion animation here looks really cool and is one of the better movies I have seen in 3D, but the movie felt a little too long. If you are looking for a different animated movie this is the way to go, just make sure to leave the youngsters at home or be willing to be up with them after the nightmares.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I saw this one a while back but was so underwhelmed I haven't gotten around to writing it up until now. Now it should be stated that I went into this knowing it was a chick flick and therefore fluff which is fine. I can be entertained by fluff, I mean I like cotton candy and what is more fluff then that?

Sadly I was not entertained by Confessions of a Shopaholic. Maybe I wasn't in the mood to watch a girl who has way to many material things complain about how hard her life is when the bill comes. Being a grown up sucks, welcome to the club now you better get some of those things returned. Anyway off my soapbox. This was not the reason I didn't enjoy the movie, that reason is because the whole movie seemed lumped together in a hurry. Plots points are brought up and then resolved in the next scene without any explanation of how they were resolved. The cast does an admirable job with the material provided but in the end they couldn't overcome the tired story lines and standard chick flick plot. I don't mind chick flicks, really I don't, but I do ask that they be good. This one was not anything special and can be enjoyed best with a good return policy, I suggest Redbox.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bachelor (After the Final Rose Part 2)

The only thing I found interesting in this episode was that we found out who our new Bachelorette will be. Jillian. I will be excited to see the new show in May, mainly because I know she will be real and fun, and of course dressed well.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bachelor Finale & After the Final Rose

I know a few won't agree with me. But I have to say I think a large amount of this show was staged. I don't think Jason's a bad guy. I think he had true feelings for these girls.. but something was off. And let me be the first to say I started out loving this guy, and didn't want to believe anything was fake. But sadly after seeing last nights shows, I just can't believe everything was on the up and up.

It almost seemed like him and Molly were acting. And they kept bringing up how much he would regret it. It just didn't seem real to me. I think Melissa thought he was bringing her to the After the Final Rose thing to tell her that he wanted to make things work, because she knew he had doubts.

The reason why I think it was somehow a bit staged is because I don't believe he could be that much of a chump to bring a girl on national t.v. to break up with her and to take away her ring. Only to be followed by asking the other girl to get back together with him. It all just seemed a bit fishy. I could be wrong, but don't think I am. Just my opinion. It makes me mad because I like the show, I just hate that ABC tries to get drama out of everything. I guess that's what makes it t.v.!

*Also I had a hard time focusing on what Deanna was saying because of her blinking, but I think she was trying Morse code for "HELP, I'M TRAPPED IN A HORRIBLE OUTFIT, AND HAVE LOST ALL SENSE OF FASHION"

All I have to say is Jillian is so better off without him.