Thursday, October 22, 2009

Survivor Recap

Yawn. This will be an easy recap. Why? Because nothing happened this week other then it's still raining. Okay that might be a little understated but really this has to be one of the most boring tribes in Survivor history. Perhaps its because it only seems like the show is focusing on Evil Russell but really can you blame them? Everyone else is dull. I mean stop complaining about the rain and do something about it. As long as there has been people there has been rain figure something out, make a better shelter, really just do something other then whine about the rain. If I am siding with Russell then there must be something wrong. To make matters worse the purple teams leader and hardest worker aka Other Russell had to leave the show after blacking out during a challenge. Both teams went to tribal, no one went home. Blah. Even though this weeks episode was new, it felt like a rerun. Can we just merge this people now to make this season a little more interesting. I mean really, I am getting bored and there are plenty of other shows on the Tivo waiting to be watched.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Amazing Race Recaps

Two weeks ago on The Amazing Race the big story was the elimination of Zev and Justin after they came in first. The reason is because somewhere along the leg Zev's passport was lost and after they failed to find it they were eliminated. It was a shame because they ran a great leg partly because they befriended a cab driver who seemed to know the area really well. Online after the show we found out that Zev's passport had been turned into the US Embassy in Cambodia after Justin accidentally dropped in when taking out his head light in a dark temple while they were looking for the monkey challenge. Since Zev and Justin where eliminated this gave the poker players the chance to race another day. It was a lot of fun to watch the teams act like a monkey but it was amazing how many teams had no idea who was in the picture. Who doesn't know who Jackie Kennedy is? I mean some of these teams aren't that young and should have known right away who she was!

This week we learned more about what the racers didn't know. When told to find the world's tallest building (I knew where this was right away, but I am a major geek apparently) in the Persian Gulf some teams (Sam and Dan) went to the airport and asked for tickets to the Persian Gulf. Who didn't know this was a region not a country? Do they not teach geography in school anymore? Brain and Ericka helped of the brothers (and many other teams this leg) and told them that they were going to Dubai, U.A.E. I wish I could have been on this leg, it looked like a blast between the Burj Dubai, the desert, and Ski Dubai the teams all seemed to make great memories. In the end Lance and Keri seemed to be more lost or lost more often then Mika and Canaan and came in last. Lance and Keri argued a lot during their short time on TAR but they seem to truly understand each other and took the elimination better then I would have expected.

It will be fun next week to see Mika and Canaan have a blow up at the top of the water slide. In a race for a million bucks I will throw almost anyone down a water slide lets hope Canaan thinks the same, just for pure entertainment purposes. Comment away with your favorite parts of these episodes and who you are rooting for.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Survivor Recaps

Okay, I am two weeks behind on my Survivor recaps and I really don't recall all that much from the oldest episode other then the purple tribe went to their first tribal and Yasmin got sent home. If I was on this tribe I would have voted off Shambo after she lost a chicken because she "didn't know they could fly." A bird fly, who knew. But since Yas didn't help much around the camp, which is a valid point she was sent home. The purple tribe still has their numbers and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

In fact this weeks episode proved just that. The reward challenge was back. It involved eating seafood shakes that all looked gross. You had to keep all the shake down and the first team to 5 won. The purple tribe won steaks and other BBQ meats but in the course of winning they had to send one member to the yellow tribe. Russell chose to send Shambo since she had been there once before. Shambo didn't like this since that would mean she would miss the BBQ. Russell later said that he sent her as punishment for loosing the chicken. Cut to Shambo who keeps complaining that she really needed the protein from the meat. Guess what Sham, chicken has protein. Next time be more careful. Then Russell and Dave fought about a fire and the best way to start it blah, blah, blah. Perhaps because we haven't seen much of this tribe but I really don't care about any of them.

On to the immunity challenge. This one was all about weight. Two team members from each tribe had to hold onto a basket while opposing players threw in coconuts to weigh them down. Liz did surprisingly well but in the end the purple team overcame the other teams lack of basket shots to take the win. This sent the yellow tribe back to tribal but a rainstorm kept any of the castaways from running off and making plans. In the end the tribe voted Ashley off, perhaps because she lost the reward challenge or because she didn't seem like a physical player. If the yellow tribe keeps this up there won't be anyone left come merge time. Thoughts? Are you getting bored with this season? Are you finding it hard to pick a favorite or care about one tribe over the other? Are you glad the reward challenge and the immunity challenge are now separate?

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Biggest Loser

Okay, yes.. I'm behind. Let's do a quick recap.

They all split up into teams. Purple team (a.k.a. not the healthiest team) got put together because they were both in the hospital when the teams were choosing.

Week One: the eight teams emerged. They all worked hard, but the Black team (Alexandra & Julio) fell below the yellow line and the teams voted to boot Alexandra. (Who had an awesome transformation!)

Week Two: they had to all work together to lose the goal weight, and if they accomplished it, no one got kicked off. Which they did. (Kind of a boring week, that they tried to make interesting.)

Week Three: (would you rather week) We find out Tracey (a.k.a Crazy Eyes) from the purple team has a competitive edge to her. She decides she wants to take a two pound advantage for her team in exchange for working out without Bob and Jillian. Which I didn't think was that big of a deal. Then in the challenge, she wins and gets to play God. We find out, she may be a little unstable, and maybe getting a little too caught up in playing the game. Which I can't fault her for, but she is just coming off crazy and putting a huge target on her back.

During the weigh in Tracey gets to decide who from each team is going to weigh in for their team. The orange team and the red team fell below the yellow line. The red team "falls on the sword" for the orange team, since one of their players is the biggest in history of the show.

So Antoine and Sean are booted from the show. I was surprised by this elimination because I thought these guys had a real chance at winning. Plus who doesn't love their victory dance?

Bringing us to this week...

Week Four: The orange team won immunity. The brown team and the black team fell below the yellow line and they voted for the other half of the Black team (Julio) to leave. He kind of bugged me, so I didn't really care. He just seemed kind of lazy to me.

So far my top three favorites are:

-Daniel (Orange team)
-Green Team (Abby and Allen)
-Coach Mo (Purple team) I think I have a soft spot for him. He seems so nice.

The people that are getting on my nerves:

- Crazy Tracey (Purple team)
- Shay (Orange team) I'm getting sick of the crying "speeches" she keeps making. (I know I sound heartless, but it gets on my nerves.)
- Dina (Blue Team) I can't quite pinpoint why

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The fall season is here..

..and my tivo is backlogged. So that is part of why I haven't been posting. But here is an overview on my feelings so far..

My Tivo was set to record:


-How I Met Your Mother
-Dancing With The Stars


-The Biggest Loser


-Modern Family
-Cougar Town
-So You Think You Can Dance
-America's Next Top Model


-Flash Forward
-The Office
-Project Runway/Models of the Runway


-The Amazing Race

So you can see why I am a tad behind.

Out of these I have already stopped watching Survivor, Cougar Town, and Dancing With the Stars

*I was new to Survivor and I just couldn't get into it with that crazy Russell guy. I think this is a good reality show for guys though.

*Cougar Town had it's funny moments. I really liked the actor that played her son, but in a whole, I wasn't impressed, it's a pretty sleazy plot and I can't see it going anywhere.

*Dancing With The Stars is boring me. My two favorites are Louie and Mya. I still have them recording, and I just fast forward to the dances I like and then find out who gets kicked off online. I'm sorry, but most of these people are not stars!

The two new shows that I am really loving this season are Modern Family (There isn't one episode I haven't laughed outloud at. Plus the dad lives in Utah, gotta support the locals.)

and Flash Forward. It's pretty intense, and I like that it is giving me something to watch and bite my nails through, while I wait for Lost to come back on.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quick Recaps: Survivor & Amazing Race

Wow. I am behind. Not only on posting but on watching TV as well; my Tivo is getting mighty full, so I will keep this brief but feel to share your thoughts in the comments.

Survivor: Ben got the boot as the yellow tribe proved that Russell didn't rule outright after all. I was surprised that Russell went along with Jaison's plan to out Ben but after he opened his trap at tribal it was all over for him. I still fear Russell and thinks he has too much power over this tribe but I have to give him points for playing the game his own way. The purple tribe continued to dominate the challenges and with the sheer number of people they have over the yellow team I don't see that ending anytime soon. Shambo has all but signed her eviction notice if her team ever finds out about what she really thinks of them. On another note are you ready for them to go back to one reward challenge and one immunity challenge per episode? This whole one challenge thing makes things a little dull, unless of course you are on the purple tribe them you love it.

Amazing Race: This week we learned that Brian & Ericka have a good comeback in them, lets see if it continues next week. Only one of the poker girls carried her wait this week in my opinion but I liked them more then I have in the past. The Globetrotters came in first and I am okay with that. Mika and Canaan did a little dance for the water dragon that I would have loved to seen more of or seen how long it took them to figure out that's not how you get the clue. Then there was Lance that guy is crazy but I loved it when they couldn't find the stamp and were running around lost. The best part is that they were like this the whole episode and I really don't know how they didn't end up in last after this leg. No, that honor went to Marcy and Ron the only team not to choose the psychical detour and in the end they just couldn't keep up. I am sorry to see them go but there exit is no great surprise. Now lets talk about next week. Who do you think is going to loose their passports? My money is on Lance and Keri if judging by this week alone.

Okay that's enough out of me. I will update the site later with my thoughts on Flashforward, Glee, Modern Family and Cougar Town. Let me know if there are any other shows you would like me to review. Chances are I am watching some point.