Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Women's Olympic Gymnastics

If you watched the women's gymnastics last night. You were sure to notice this girl. Alicia Sacramone. She goes to Brown University. She is pound for pound stronger than most guys, and not to mention darling. Unfortunately she had so much pressure on her last night that she bombed.

A girl from China had fallen off the balance beam giving them the opportunity to win the gold medal. Cue Sacramone, she fell right as she tried to mount the beam. This meant America was going to have to do near perfect floor routines. Cue Sacramone once more, who was visibly rattled. The first set of tumbles she did, had her thinking she was going to go out of bounds, so instead she pulled back and fell. Which is something I have scarcely seen in the floor routine. She also stepped out of bounds after another tumbling pass. You could even see her teammates falling apart. They both stepped out of bounds.

All China had to do when it was their turn was to get through their routines without anything major happening. Not surprisingly China won the gold medal. These girls had so much pressure on them, you could see it on their faces. Poor Sacramone looked like she was in complete shock. I believe she has one more competition, and you better believe I will be watching and rooting her on.


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