Monday, April 4, 2011

2011 Movies

Well 2011 seems to be off to a rough start, so far this year I haven't seen any movies that have just left me saying 'Wow! I need to go see that again'. No, instead I have seen a bunch of movies that I can't even recall a few days later because they were just so unimpressive. In the last few weeks I have seen Source Code, Sucker Punch and Limitless and while Limitless was far and away the best movie of the three, they all left me wanting more. I just want a good movie that has a good plot and good acting and at the end I feel like it was worth the $9 bucks I just forked over in hopes of being entertained. I have hope for the summer movie crop but at the moment it seems like the best movie I have seen this year was The Adjustment Bureau and lets be honest that movie was made a few years back so does it really even count as a 2011 movie? Am I wrong is there a movie you've seen this year that just blew you away?

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