Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eric's Top 10 Movies of 2010

Wow! I have totally been slacking on posts here. Sorry, I was busy seeing movies and before I could come and post about the one I saw I saw another and another and well you get the point. The sad thing is that as I looked back at the movies I saw this year not that many great ones jumped out at me. Usually I have an easy time picking my Top Ten movies of the year, this year I had a hard time picking five. But fear not I finally got my list to Ten. Wanna know what movies made the list? Well keep reading.

  1. (TIE) The A-Team & Toy Story 3- I keep going back and forth over which of these movies I liked better. In the end I decided to call it a tie.
    The A-Team was just what movies should be. Big, loud, funny, action packed and highly enjoyable. Sure there was some kind of plot that makes the explosions make sense but really who needs a plot when you are having a blast? I don't I just ask that my movie choices entertain me and The A-Team did just that from start to finish. Toy Story 3 was also highly entertaining especially when you take into consideration that this is not only a sequel but a sequel to a sequel at that. The story is one that everyone can relate to and the movie pulls at everyone of your heartstrings. The last scene with Andy and his toys was enough to make me cry. I admit it. And if you didn't cry you might want to replace your batteries because you are not human.
  2. TIE (see above)
  3. Inception- This movie was a mind trick and I mean that in the best way possible. It was utterly original and just like a puzzle that you can't figure out you will keep coming back to it until you do, or until you think you have it figured out at least. The cast was a little mismatched for me but the story is what we are here for and that is where Inception really shines. Plus the special effects are hard to beat. But what I really like about this movie was the way it ended. If you haven't seen it I won't spoil anything but just say that it can go either way I wouldn't mind.
  4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1- Long title but this was my favorite of the books and the movie doesn't disappoint. Sure it is much darker then the other movies but in order to be true to the books it would have to be. It is amazing to see how far the young cast has come since the first movie. They carry this movie and really it is all the better for it.
  5. The Kings Speech- This may be one of the best acted movies this year. The cast is fantastic and the story isn't bad either. Based on the true story of the rise of King George VI and his speech impediment and how his wife found an Australian speech therapist to help him overcome it. It should be noted that I find movies based on history very interesting, so that my explain why I liked this movie so much. If I had my way each of the main actors here would be taking home Oscars this year.
  6. The Town- Ben Affleck it turns out is quite the director. This could have been just your typical heist movie. Instead it is a character study of people with complicated issues to say the least. Sure the movie has a ton of bad language but sadly so does real life and even though the story is focused on bank robbers you still can't pull yourself away.
  7. Red- Much like The A-Team this movie was just fun, mindless, popcorn entertainment. The cast looks like they had a blast making the movie and that joy translates throughout the movie.
  8. 127 Hours-James Franco is great in this movie and even if you know the outcome (it is based on real events) you are still held at the edge of your seat for the whole movie. I am happy to say that I keep my eyes open the whole time, although I did cringe a few times when the arm scene came to a conclusion. This is a story of human triumph and the will to live.
  9. It's Kind of a Funny Story- If you blinked you most likely missed this movie which is too bad because it was touching and full of heart and humor that you wouldn't expect for it's subject matter. Feeling the weight of the world a young teen checks into a mental institution and there learns more about life then he could have every imagined. The great cast really takes this movie to the next level.
  10. Alice in Wonderland- After repeated viewing this movie continues to grow on me. And therefore earns a spot on my list. While this is your typical Tim Burton movie it seems grounded more by the original story of Alice in Wonderland. Plus it reminds me of the creepy made for TV movie that terrified me as a kid. I love it when movies bring up obscure memories from childhood.

Well there you have it. My favorite movies of 2010. What movies made your list? Any movies that surprised you with how good, or bad, they were. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by Tangled and a little disappointed by True Grit. I should also note the I didn't see The Social Network and it seems like that movie is on a bunch of Top Ten lists this year.


he said/she said said...

Didn't see the Kings Speech, though I heard it was good, didn't see Harry, and didn't see Funny Story. But loved the rest of your picks.

he said/she said said...

Or the Town, but you know how that went down for me.